Friday, April 23, 2010

Karachi? Come in Karachi...

So, all of the hundreds of hits from Pakistan are happening in Karachi. Yes, Karachi, capital of Pakistan, home to 13.2 million people.

I don't know why the people of Karachi are viewing the Baby Is Unstoppable site, how they found out about it, or why they seem to view the pages repeatedly, but I'm eager to find out. So, if any of you people reading this blog have any knowledge about why the Karachians (Karachites? Karachiers?) are visiting, please post a reply here and let me know.

And in the meantime, here's some more about Baby Is Unstoppable. It was originally intended as an iPhone app comic, which is why all of the panels in the preview are iPhone screen dimensions. It is still going to be released as an iPhone app, but there may be some other outlets as well--like print maybe.

BIU is a four issue story arc. Issue #1 is nearly complete, issue #2 is still in scripting. I will keep you posted as we near a release date--and if I find out anything about the people of Karachi and what their interest is in this site.

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